Aermotor Windmill Texas 2010

Aermotor manufactures the best windmill at the best price made in the USA and is distributed worldwide.

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Parts Diagram

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Look to Aermotor as your best source for complete windmills and genuine Aermotor replacement parts. Everything is manufactured in the USA and available through a worldwide network of dealers and water well drillers.

Common Questions
How much water do I need to pump? What are the pumping capacities of Aermotor Windmills? Here we answer some of your most common questions and help you to understand the Aermotor Windmill


Icon WindmillsFrom X (6') to F (16') wheel diameter, every Aermotor is manufactured to exacting tolerances from premium raw materials and assembled at the factory. Aermotor maintenance schedule and 7-Year Warranty.

Parts & Repairs

Icon PartsRepairsWe have complete assemblies and replacement parts for every size mill. From the smallest shaft pin to the largest main frame, everything is genuine Aermotor and manufactured in the USA.


Icon TowersOur 21' to 60' 4-Post Steel Towers include both Stub Tower and Platform. See us for 4-Post Stub Towers and a complete line of tower parts. We also manufacture genuine Aermotor wooden towers from 14' to 37' to fit any size mill.

Rods, Pumps & Cups

Icon RodsPumpsSee us for both steel and Nix fiberglass sucker rods, Aermotor pump cups as well as a complete range of Midland pumps and replacement parts. We also manufacture sucker rod elevators and two sizes of hand pumps.

Manuals & Merchandise

Icon ManualsOperating and Maintenance Instructions, Installation Instructions 4-Post Standard Towers, and everything Aermotor.